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WADLINE awards are mostly for web design agencies though everyone listed in our directory can earn the status of Top Developer and win one of our coveted cups and badges. Once per year WADLINE arranges an event for the WADLINE AWARDS in the US and EU. Winners earn a cup and certificate!
At WADLINE, projects are evaluated by the users themselves. Voting takes place with an appropriate distribution – 30% falls on ordinary users’ votes, while 70% are made up of authoritative votes.

The overall grade depends upon a formula which superimposes the user’s authority coefficient. This coefficient mostly depends on the companies connected with the user, including whether he is an employee or an owner. In turn, the rating of the company largely depends on the grades of its projects.
Expert notes are gathered and factored in by conducting surveys every quarter. Additionally, the grade is influenced by the trust-factor – the Creditreform and D&B information, and WADLINE statistics.

Thus, a new, non-authoritative user’s grade won’t strongly influence the overall grade of the project. Although many user ratings may impose a “people’s” pressure on the project, the percentage distribution of authority won’t let them raise the rating, which ensures an adequate grade. The overall grade is based on the following factors with such a distribution: Design (30%), Technologies (20%), Usability (20%), Creativity (20%), and Content (10%).

Each grade is given using a ten point scale where 10 is given to only those of an extra high quality with an uncommonly exciting project. That is why, if in the WADLINE catalog you see a WINNER that gained 6 or 7 points, it is normal, and these are very strong projects.

The Principle of Evaluation:

10 – This project is unreal, breathtaking; it’s revolutionary!
9 - Excellent, no one else could’ve done it!
8 – It’s a remarkable project, a market leader.
7 - I think it’s worthy of first place.
6 - It almost merits the top award.
5 - It’s a quality project, but the developers could’ve worked harder.
4 - Something is missing here, maybe it doesn’t fit me. I am not sure they can lay claim to first place.
3 - There are some very serious pretensions to the quality of this project.
2 - I don’t think this project deserves to be published in the rating.
1 - The quality of this project is highly questionable.


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