Introduction to Coding for Web Development

United Kingdom / London

A weekend course to learn some of the key basics of programming and write code for web development.

Forbes listed coding as one of their top skills to learn in 2018, and that demand is only going to go up. LinkedIn reported that across the US, demand for coders such as web developers was outstripping supply.

In the future, a huge number of professional jobs are going to either going to involve coding or working directly with a coder, so it’s a vital skill to at the very least understand!

This two-day weekend course will give you a comprehensive introduction to some of the key skills needed to write code for web development and will demonstrate the power of what it can do. You’ll leave as a confident beginner coder and walk away having built a live web application!

The course is suitable for those that have never coded at all before – all you need is an interest in learning it!

Over the weekend we’ll cover the following topics, building a web application incrementally as we go:

  • Introduction to the world wide web: We'll be taking a closer look into how the internet works, the difference between front-end and back-end development and how data is sent across the web.
  • HTML: You'll first learn how a web page is structured by building one from scratch. We'll look into the types of elements that are available to us, the correct syntax for using them as well as any attributes that they have
  • CSS: Once we have the structure of our page, we'll want to add some styling to it to make it look less like a word document and more like a page you would see on a website or web application. With CSS we'll cover everything you can do to effect the appearance of your web page.
  • JavaScript: Next we'll want to take our styled web page and make it interactive. To do this we'll take a look at how to manipulate elements in our application by programming behaviour for specific user input.
  • APIs: After we're comfortable with JavaScript we'll start to enrich our web application with data from other sources in the internet. This allows us to retrieve and display live data for a variety of purposes.
  • Servers: Once we've built our web application, we'll need to write a server that will handle requests to our application. The server is responsible for sending web pages to users once they have requested them.
  • Hosting: Finally, we'll be taking our now complete web application and hosting it on a live domain which you can access from any device.

The course is run entirely of interactive sessions – no tedious lectures, just loads of opportunities for us to introduce topics and guide you through them, and then you to put it into practice and ask loads of questions! As well as the course itself we provide all the course content and cheatsheets for you to refer to during the sessions and after. We’ll also provide pre-course setup instructions – the software you need is open source and therefore available for free on both PC and Mac.

Date and time

May 11 - May 11


£150 - £150


Regents House Islington, London, N1 8XL
United Kingdom

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