AI & Robotics

We are entering into a revolutionary age of AI and Robotics. A number of speculators have been talking about the massive loss of jobs due to intelligent robots taking up the jobs of humans. What let’s see how “bad” it is in reality.

Artificial Intelligence

- Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles will start entering the roads gradually and more and more people will become comfortable with the idea of self-driving cars. The technology will advance further and the entire flow of traffic will be handled by artificially intelligent programs.

- Dangerous Jobs

Artificially intelligent robots will start replacing dangerous jobs that risk human lives. For instance, the jobs of bomb-diffusing or entering dangerous mines could be replaced by robots.

- Cyborgs

It will be possible for the humans to augment themselves on machines and robots. It would be very easy for the medical professionals to replace the amputated arms with neurotically controlled artificial limbs.

Cyborgs will command respectable jobs such as in forces, armies or special missions. The human brain will get depended upon the data, graphs and mixed reality.


- RaaS (Robots as a Service)

Robots will be used as a service and they will do all the everyday tasks of the humans. They will do everything from making a cup of tea to serving dinners. Inside the home, office or anywhere, robots will serve us in the best possible manner we could instruct them to do so.

- Robots in Forces

Robo-guys will be the first choices for the security guards, officers at various checks and posts.

- Robots in Business

Robots will start taking up the role of top management executives. Will they be able to raise your sales?

Artificially Intelligent Robots

- Advancement In Technology

The technology of artificial intelligence is still in the nascent stage and it will evolve in the upcoming years. The robots will be much smarter than we can possibly imagine.

We could completely rely on the robots from everyday tasks to working on behalf of us. Robots will be the extensions of the humans and humans would strive to acquire the most powerful, intelligent and expensive robots.

- Humanoids

The advancement in the technologies of the robotics and AI will lead to the popularity of the humanoids. Humanoids will not only prove useful to the forces, but they will be employed everywhere.

To Sum Up

We are about to enter a new era which will be so technically advanced that we cannot even imagine now. In the upcoming decades, we will witness the use of robots everywhere from product delivery to house cleaners.

The use of robots will be widespread just like household appliances like Microwave oven, Refrigerator, Washing machine, etc. are common today. We will only be commanding and intelligent robots will take up all our jobs. Well, not all our jobs, but some of them. So, it is better to gain skill in the new sphere just to be sure you will remain a valuable professional.