Growth Hacking Resources for Startups. Part 4


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Reward people for telling their friends about your store

ReferralCandy is an ecommerce store plugin that helps you get more word of mouth sales.

Customize Your Referral Program

Easily set up the program you want. Customize rewards and change the way it looks, without getting developers involved.

Ground zero for your referral campaigns

Your dashboard holds your contacts, campaigns and analytics

  • Generated report on how your campaign is going and ways to improve it
  • Data on how you compare to those in your industry
  • Details on who your advocates are, who they’re referring with and how to increase it

ReferralCandy Makes It Easy For Any Store To Have A Referral Program

Set Up The Program You Want

ReferralCandy gives you the flexibility to set up a variety of rewards and incentives programs

Easy For Customers To Join

Give every customer their own referral link and make it simple for new advocates to join your program

You’re In Good Hands

Thousands of ecommerce store founders, marketers and agencies have trusted ReferralCandy to run their referral program.


KWFinder is a keyword research and analysis tool providing you with long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. 

Keyword research and analysis with the most valuable SEO metrics

Get real-time keyword SEO difficulty in one click and expand your research thanks to well-known Moz metrics.

Hundreds of long tail keywords that your competitors are missing

Generate long tail keywords related to your niche with high search volumes and low keyword SEO difficulty.

Exact search volumes for close variant keywords

Exact search volume keyword generating even for keywords that are close variants of each other.

Precise keyword research with location and language settings

Narrow down your research by a selection of 40+ languages and get results for specific countries, states, or cities.