Huawei responded to US ban

Many large technology companies may suffer numerous losses if they support the United States with their sanctions on doing business with Huawei. This was recently reported in The New York Times in connection with the latest events, when China decided to respond to the ban.

According to the Times, warnings were voiced during the last meeting of members of the National Commission for the Development and Reforms of China, which was held with the participation of members of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The list of companies whose representatives were also present at this meeting has not been announced yet, but this is precisely a number of the world's largest technological giants.

In the case of the implementation of the imposed sanctions against China, most companies can suffer numerous losses. However, as noted in The Times, American firms will most likely not want to have problems due to violation of the law imposed by the Trump administration. Recall that in May of this year, the White House developed and issued a decree prohibiting American manufacturers from purchasing some type of equipment for their enterprises, which, according to the American government, may represent a "threat to national security."

However, this law at the moment, as we can see, is designed specifically for Huawei products. How and by what this Chinese manufacturer may affect the security of the country remains unknown. According to representatives of the White House administration, this company is putting pressure on the United States and allied countries, forcing the use of Huawei products and equipment by force. The cessation of their deliveries was also supported by such large companies as Microsoft, Google and others. In addition, Chinese brand mobile devices will no longer be updated by software. Perhaps, on the background of current events, the Chinese will develop their own software for smartphones and tablets.

A trade war has been going on between Washington and Beijing for some time now, so this incident was only the result of mounting tensions. Perhaps during the upcoming talks at the G20 summit, which will be held in Japan, the heads of state Donald Trump and Xi Jingping will be able to find a reasonable solution to the issue and come to a compromise.