Top IT Trends To Check In 2018

A lot has been happening in the spheres of Automation, AI, Voice Input, Robotics, etc. 2018 will witness these tech trends redefining the rules of finance and commercial activities. We will see the world growing increasingly dependent on the robots, androids, and bots for our daily needs. 

1. Robotics & Automation

Sophia, a robot that looks like the late actor Audrey Hepburn got the citizenship of Saudi Arabia in October 2017. A lot of people fear their jobs being taken away by intelligent androids in the near future. However, many experts believe that it is only the routine jobs are at the risk. 

Many researchers are also suggesting the idea of taxing the robots for replacing humans or providing a basic income to people who lose their job to robots. 

2. 3D Printing

3D printing has been there for more than three decades and it has applications in a large number of different fields. Today, it is used to design aircrafts, houses, guns, football shoes, etc. 

The global 3D printing market is expected to grow up to $33 billion by 2023. Currently, the defense and the aerospace industry hold the largest share of the 3D printing market globally. 

3. FinTech (Financial Technology)

Besides the digital wallets and cryptocurrencies, we are witnessing a general upward trend towards the adoption of FinTech in our lives. 

The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) will also grow in the FinTech sphere. AI is used to analyze large volumes of security data and it is far more efficient than traditional antiviruses, trojan detectors, etc. in fraud detection and scanning security loopholes. 

Financial services have started using chatbots as customer care tools. AI-powered chatbots can take orders directly via social media channels, confirm banking details, help customers with budgeting and much more. 

4. Touchless Interface

There is a growing trend towards the adoption of voice input from the users. There are situations, when the voice input makes more sense than touching or swiping the screen. For example, searching directions while driving a vehicle, looking for a song, checking the weather conditions, etc. 

Voice input is not there to replace the touch interface. Instead, they can work together to let the users enjoy best of both worlds. 

To Sum up

Nothing evolves faster than technology and every year marks the beginning of a new era in the IT sphere. We are moving towards an era of complete automation where machines and bots will fulfill all our desires.