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Cube.js - Serverless Analytics Framework

Cube.js is an analytics layer for modern applications. It supplies building blocks to add analytics features into any application you create. Cube.js is designed to work with large-scale data sets and implements various optimization techniques. Our cloud-hosted solution takes the pain out of building analytics; we maintain the infrastructure and the query engine, we provide API clients and SDKs, as well as extensive documentation, so you can focus on building a great user experience.


Station - One app to rule them all

Station:  Browsers have evolved to become the central way we do pretty much anything: shopping, scheduling, invoicing, monitoring, calling, texting, reading, watching, listening, writing, sharing: [you name it].

Along the way, as millions of humans were shifting to the browser as their main work tool, it started to show some weaknesses. That is why we built Station: to ease people's workday by centralizing all their web tools in a neat & permanent interface that allows them to be 10x more productive at work.


white - Keep ideas in sync

White keeps your ideas in sync.

Draw, Sketch, Speak, Teach, PPT, Documents, Collaborate, Brainstorm, Review design, Meeting... All of these White integrated, with any device, all here in one place.


Incoming Feedback by Hotjar - Instant visual feedback for your website or app!

Get the full picture

It only takes your visitors two clicks to share their feedback on your website or app. They can even highlight specific elements, so you get a better idea of what you should work on next.

See your progress

Measure your performance and see the impact your team’s changes have on your website or app over time. Celebrate your wins and tackle your team’s next challenge.



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