Trends To Watch For The Next Five Years

Technology changes faster than we can keep a track of it. Staying updated about the latest technology trends helps you adapt to the smarter world. Let us see what we can get in less than five years. 

Hybrid Fuel Cells

The hybrid fuel cell technology is not being used commercially yet. There are power banks available with very small fuel cells. 

They can also be charged using salt and water. Fuel cell technology will be very useful for the smart devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. 

Unbreakable Solar Screens

We have been using glass screens for our mobile devices as well as other displays. Scientists are inventing new ways to make smartphone displays. 

Materials like hexagonal boron nitride, graphene, C60 etc. are used to make screens. It is a transparent material which is highly conductive and flexible. Solar panels also use C60 to tap solar energy. Further development can lead to the mobile displays that could also power the phone.

More Powerful Batteries

We need batteries to power all kinds of electrical appliances. Rechargeable batteries are a big part of the modern electronics industry. The problem with the batteries is that they need to be recharged, they take a lot of space, etc.

Many researchers are working on the sulfide superionic conductors. Technology is under development but these batteries will be able to store a lot of energy and they will be very quick to charge.

Graphene-polymer batteries have five times more energy density than the lithium-ion batteries that we currently use. These batteries also charge 33 times faster and don't retain a memory effect.

3D Face Recognition

3D face recognition will work as a password on all our devices and it will be impossible to gain access to your accounts in an unauthorized way. Your phone will be able to recognize you and you could operate your phone without using your hands.

To Sum Up

Technology has taken the human race so far and today it is developing at such a rapid pace that most people find it difficult to keep a track. You should watch the technology trends like graphene batteries, hybrid cells, solar powered mobile screens, etc, in order to keep up with the trends. And who knows, maybe in future we will have even more prominent and unbelievable devices.


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