Venture Day 2019 - How it was

Venture Day is the annual conference focused especially on bringing promising startups and investors together within a hub. Still, Venture Day 2019 had a couple of features that made it stood out from all the previous conferences (not to mention almost 600 visitors hanging around). Let’s see what Imaguru, the event organizer, arranged this time.

A good start

“I’m sure the next Steve Jobs is sitting here.” - Brock Bierman, Assistant Administrator of USAID.

First of all, Venture Day 2019 was held with the support of a number of prominent agencies, including USAID for Europe and Eurasia. Moreover, its Assistant Administrator Mr. Brock Bierman gave an opening speech, greeting entrepreneurs and pointing out the conference atmosphere.

“I like the atmosphere of cooperation and development.” - said Mr. Bierman from the stage, admiring the level of the conference organization and overall business environment in Belarus. It is no secret the agency is very interesting in helping young and promising teams in building their projects. From this perspective, Belarus appears to be a country of high business potential.

The new startup hub

The new startup hub was another feature of the conference. This year Venture Day took place in the new hall of Imaguru created especially for large events. The conference guests were the first ones to probe the place. On the third floor visitors had a chance to meet such speakers as Robert Neivert of 500 Startups, Max Gurvits of Cross Border Angels & Experts, Tania Marinich of BELBIZ, and many other successful entrepreneurs.

The ground floor acted as a startup fair providing guests with an opportunity to try some of the most interesting projects, for example, an obstacle course in VR. The whole floor served as a “dating place” for startups and investors, so the place was quite crowded.

“Quite crowded” means there were approximately 50 startups from Belarus and Baltics along with a number of investment companies willing to find a reliable partner for a joint project. According to the entrepreneurs feedback, it was worth it. Almost each team got connections with at least a couple of investors. Great news.

The winners

Venture Day is a competition in the first place. This year there were two very interesting projects to share the winning place:

Artyline. A project that deals with recognition of paper drawings. A person draws something on a sheet of paper, then the system recognizes it and builds a detailed prototype. This idea is aimed at lightening the work of designers.

Giveaway_Minsk. An interesting project designed as a free auction. The idea lies in the possibility to give away different things from books to furniture online. And it’s all for free.

The end of the day

The Venture Day team wanted to make the event conclusion relaxing. The guests were provided with a two hours networking with a glass of wine and smooth music all the evening. In general, the conference may be called successful and the new hall comfortable. We are looking forward to seeing the Venture Day 2020 conference and meet the new bright ideas there