WADLINE Digest #4

What was new this week? No matter how much do you read tech magazines, it is very difficult to be abreast of the latest developments in the tech sphere. So, if you want to find out about freshest and most interesting projects – read our weekly WADLINE Digest.

20.000 Elon Musk’s flamethrowers are already sold out

Beginning with flaming news! The hotly discussed Elon Musk’s flamethrowers were sold out in less than a week. All the 20.000 units went on sale on January 27 and all of them were over on February 1, bringing the Boring Company $10.000.000 (Actually, 15.000 flamethrowers were bought and 5.000 were claimed, when Musk announced it via Twitter). What other fiery ideas will follow this venture? Well, the time will show.

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The easiest way to communicate with customers and your colleagues

It seems that a good tool for optimization of work and business communication is coming. Sendtask is, as developers say, a great way to communicate with your clients and set tasks for your team in one place, even though they don’t have an account. It sounds quite interesting. Moreover it is free and may be connected with Slack. For now it is in Beta, so all the functionality will be available in the future. Will see, whether this tool is as good as they claim it to be.  

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Working out in the open air without actually being in the open air – that idea raised $5.5 million

Agree that your exercise would bring more pleasure when you, for example, were riding a bicycle along Grand Canyon instead of saddling a spinning cycle. VirZOOM, a fitness startup, has found a solution. They idea is to work out in VR helmets by special programs, that allow you to become a cowboy, a participant of Le Tour, or a Pegasus rider. And all these while doing sport! No surprise they raised $5.5 million in funding. Now we will wait till March, when these tools start shipping for $399.

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Learn more about your own team with Bunch

Every businessperson wishes to know strongest and weakest points of his company. It would be better, if we had a tool to measure main dimensions of your work. Or we already have it? The developers of Bunch claim that their startup will help you to build a culture roadmap in order to direct your company to the right way and develop further. Seems to be a bright idea.

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Clarify your bad habits and get rid of them

We all have bad habits and we all waste time sometimes without even realizing it. In the developing world, were every minute has its value, time management is your first helper. Superday seems to be an app to deal with it. Developers claim that their tool will show you the way you spend your days and your activities, help you to form a new positive habit, and change your lifestyle. Seems to be a good idea for those, who are not really into time tracking.

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