WADLINE Digest #6

Cryptocurrency tracker, quick prototypes manager, and a tool for best press coverage. These are valuable new ideas that appeared not so long ago, but may be lost in the massive information flow. In order to rescue you from drowning in it and provide you with most interesting news, we make our weekly Digests. So, here it is!

Track Cryptocurrency real time

Cryptocurrency has become the most popular, ambitious, and changeable topic within a year. Just like BitCoin. Cryptocurrency has opened new doors for developers and businesspersons, but to track all the news about it is a difficult thing. Twitter alone has thousands of posts about it. COINBUZZ is a solution. It is a service that provides users with full range of information concerning BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, etc. One can easily keep up with them only by using this one platform. Handy, right?

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A wallet for your crypto

Continuing the topic about Cryptocurrency, we cannot miss this startup. As more and more people use crypto in their lives, a project of regulating these transactions has been a matter of time. We have already seen lots of examples (that were not too convenient), but this startup promises to be good. It is called CoinTracker and, despite the name, it deals with all the Cryptocurrency. It securely synchronize with your transactions in order to ease the crypto taxes. In a world, where Coins of any kind appear to crowd out real currency in some places, this project has a reason.

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Quick prototype of your idea from nothing

Everyone has a bright idea, but sometimes we face the problem of explaining it to another person. To make a good prototype takes time and, in addition, it is not so easy. Well, actually, it was not so easy. Now it has become simpler, as the developers of the Method project claim. You are able to make a prototype within a few minutes and share it with your colleagues. Colleagues will redeem you by improving your concept and adding their own ideas. That will help the process of developing any project.

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Find the best media source for your project

You have a startup, but you do not know exactly, which media source will be interested in you? Well, it seems to be a solution. The Prumio project appears to be a tool to find a press outlet that work in the exact field as you do, so in theory you will get better results and save time. And the price is not so high, thus this project may be of a great value.

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Finally a good serverless CMS!

You are a digital or web development company and you are tired of all these servers that are required to download an image to your website? You are not alone! And there is an idea how to help you. A company from Berlin has a readymade solution for you. It is called Scrivito and it is a cloud-based JavaScript CMS. It is fully serverless, so there is no need to patch your CMS. Besides, your website will run faster. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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