WADLINE Digest #8

This week was eventful concerning IT giants’ actions. Amazon, Facebook, GitHub, Microsoft, and Snap. What have the people done this week? We have gathered all the juicy news and put it in our weekly digest. Please, enjoy.

The biggest DDoS attack – offline for 10 minutes

Lots of IT guys know GitHub. It is crucial for everyone, who writes a code. That is why the fact that on Wednesday 28th it turned to be offline was upsetting. But the main thing is that GitHub was unavailable only for 5 minutes between 17.21 to 17.26 UTC and then with intermittent connectivity between 17:26 to 17:30 UTC, giving less than 10 minutes in general. So, the attack was anything, but truly successful.

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When the ads turns into reality

Do you remember this ads with Alexa losing her voice, Jeff Bezos’s crazy eyes, and sir Anthony Hopkins feeding peacocks? Well, it came into reality. Some parts of it. Alexa indeed lost her voice on Friday this week. Probably the reason was a mass outage in Amazon Web Services that was fixed in a short while. Was it a real life ad? We hope not.

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Speak on Facebook. Literally.

Facebook is to add Voice Clips status updates. A good thing for those, who is tired of typing on the way or who just prefers to speak in general. For now, Facebook is testing its new feature among the small amount of people in India. The mass of different languages in this country will show, whether it is easier to speak on one’s second language or to write. But probably to speak.

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New glasses with new functions

Do you remember last Snap experiment with Spectacles wearable camera? Yes, those, which took a massive losses. Now they are working on the second generation. Though it seems that Snap never learns, they still have chances to earn a lot, as they promise new Spectacles to have performance improvements and two lenses with cameras, along with bug fixes. It must be desirable in several spheres, so maybe this idea is quite profitable.

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Microsoft invests in renewable energy

The first Microsoft bargain in the renewable energy sphere is to be implemented soon. One of the largest software giants has settled with a Singapore clean energy company called Sunseap. The agreement will last 20 years and Microsoft will buy 100% of the renewable energy of this solar project. Eco- and financefriendly, especially for the Singaporeans.   

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