WADLINE Digest #9

Snapchats on the right track to reach the record number of users as its first quarter growth revived.

The company’s first quarter report suggests that the Snapchart really pushed the hummer down in attracting new users, which was relatively poor in the last year. The overall growth of two percent showcases an increase from 186 million in the last year to 190 million this year already. The company still targets to reach 191 million users, which it has a year ago but the figure has plummeted dramatically. The company’s review also beats the estimates that were produced by Zacks with clear suggestions that the consensus figure will be in the region of USD 302 million. However, the reality was different and the company has generated USD 360 million in revenues, which is regarded as astonishing performance.

Despite the decent result in generating the revenues, the company still produces losses, which are expected to be in the region of USD120-150 million. Whilst in this quarter the number of USD123 million was recorded. The reason for that the companies such as Amazon and Google, which provide Cloud services will charge more money for the increase in usage. The other flip of the coin is that Snapchart will have to find more room to generate more money from the ads that will reflect and justify an increase in the number of users worldwide.

The Apple CEO suggests that the company should decrease its engagement with the use applications.

Tim Cook was talking on the Time 100 summit earlier on today. The executive produced a powerful speech that suggested that more and more people spend lots of their time using variety of different applications, whereas Apple initially never intended to maximize users’ time. The claim was the reason to declare that Apple designed a new notification platform that will oblige the apps developers to ping its users with a notification.

The application platform, which is going to notify users of spending too much time on using their favorite apps will do so in batches as well as at designed intervals. It is suggested that the company may come up with plenty of other ideas of how such notifications may be implemented. Perhaps, people could have an opportunity to choose the different interactions that the platform can make. Consequentially, the question of user friendly-controls is probably going to be answered in the future.

Vine app is reborn as Byte and starts its tests with the new beta.

Vine has been closed by twitter not a long time ago allowing Chinese TikTok application to be the leader on the market of short-from videos. It is argued that the rebranded application will be much better and is going to attract more up loaders and followers. The videos will now be uploaded quicker as well as it can be done vertically. More importantly, it is intended to be much better entertainment as the content will be aimed at older audience but not only on the teens just like it was done in the past.

The owner of the app, Dom Hoffman argues that there will be lots of funny and exceptionally creative video makers who are about to queue up for their videos to be published by the Byte. It is going to be complimented with the followers to join in, Likes as well as the comments from the viewers. TikTok obviously will be a very tough competitor to beat but it is clearly an achievable goal. Byte will not be able to win the hearts of individuals if it does play on the same opened field as Vine did, so it has to be more creative and bring more innovations to beat its biggest Chinese rival.

Instagram is about to change its approach to the Likes count.

Instagram has come up with the idea of increasing competition, as the sense of competition has arguably been lost. For that reason a small deign change test has already been carried out, which main idea is to make the followers to focus on the content that they share but not what they post. The nature of the app has become the opposite what it initially has been intended as the users simply concentrate on how many posts and likes they get.

The nature of the carried out test bring a fresh idea of changing the rules of the game. This is all due to the fact that only the person who shares the post will see the actual number of likes that have been received. If the test is successful and will become the reality then hidden Likes could change the mentality of people who only pursue one thing, which is to get tones of Likes. Therefore, if it is implemented, people will have to concentrate more on the content that they share that should make Intsagram much better social network than it is right now as well as its app should be improved too.