Why Mammoth Interactive is launching their mobile machine learning course on Kickstarter

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field within Artificial Intelligence that powers everything from self-driving cars to your iPhone's FaceID. It's a great skill to add to your résumé and LinkedIn profile if you're looking to get into or advance a career in programming. Tons of online learning courses are dedicated to teaching this in-demand skill, but this course bundle claims to be the only one specializing in machine learning for mobile devices. 

Complete beginners can benefit from the Mobile Machine Learning course, as it starts with the basics of coding in three commonly used programming languages: Python, Java, and Swift. You'll then move on to learning how to program Android apps with machine learning and finally build your own. The course is taught in an over-the-shoulder style, so you'll see the instructor's screen as he's teaching. This Mobile Machine Learning curriculum is available for $39 — on Kickstarter.

Yes, Kickstarter.

As avid Kickstarter-watchers, we were surprised when we saw a course seeking funding via the platform. We're used to Kickstarter raising money for weird tech, indie games, and your friend's webseries. There are several platforms more suited to online learning, like Udemy and Coursera. I reached out to Mammoth Interactive founder John Bura to find out what the deal was. He told me that the reasoning for posting their course on Kickstarter was simple — there's a big customer base there to serve. It's less about crowdfunding a product that may not be created otherwise (the goal to hit was only $450), and more about adapting to a platform that already boasts a loyal following.

John Bura is no stranger to adopting new platforms. Mammoth Interactive was one of the first course providers on Udemy, and continues to post all of their courses to Udemy. Again, Bura's found that a large customer base is loyal to that platform specifically. According to Bura, about 80% of Mammoth Interactive's customers come from Kickstarter and Udemy combined. The split is about half and half right now, but he believes that Kickstarter might overtake Udemy this year. 

Bura compares buying the course bundles on these external sites to buying Starbucks coffee at your local grocery store — some people are loyal to their particular store, some are loyal to the particular brand, while some don't care where they get it, they just want coffee. It's the same beans either way. While it's not a perfect analogy, the point stands that smart business owners go where the customers are.

A cool thing about Kickstarter is that the reward tiers allow Mammoth Interactive to offer more of their classes bundled together for higher "backers" (though that language doesn't seem entirely accurate given this model.) $39 will get you access to the Mobile Machine Learning curriculum, valued at $500, but you can "pledge" more to get other Mammoth Interactive courses to learn more coding skills. $999 will get you lifetime access to every course they've ever made and will ever make. Kickstarter also gives the option of stretch goals, which Mammoth Interactive is using to add features to the course if they're met. 

Interesting business choices aside, machine learning is a great skill to add to your resume, and specializing even further into mobile machine learning might catch a hiring manager's eye. Whether you're a total beginner or a master coder, you'll be able to learn something new or brush up on your existing skills with this bundle.

Source: www.mashable.com