African Safari Booking

African Safari Booking

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Type: Website
Client from Canada
Category: Travel
Style: Big photo
Color: White

    Project overview African Safari Bookings (ASB) is an online booking platform for travel in Africa. The website hosts hundreds of respected tour operators across Africa, each offering different travel packages. ASB delivers a unique selection oftour operators in a “one-stop shop” experience. Users can browse through African adventures from safaris to scuba diving, and find the tour provider perfect for them; all in a single online space.  Problem – An online booking system, which is capable of handling thousands of data at a given minute. The application should consist of an admin panel and a public site. Challenge- The biggest challenge of this application was finding a solution where the whole application will be able to handle thousands of data related to its holiday booking and the application should be fast efficient. Solution- The final solution was developed and delivered on time. The efficiency and redundancy of the application were satisfying. An initiative web application and admin panel was developed. 


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