Python for Web Analytics

United Kingdom / London

The Python for Web Analytics course focuses on how Python can be used in Web Analytics to simplify and accelerate data processing, manipulation and visualization. This hands-on training will provide real life examples of using Python in web analytics including connecting to API’s, manipulating DataFrames and visualisation.

What this training will cover

  • Python set up: How to set up Python on your machine/ online access via Microsoft Azure Notebooks. Jupyter notebook environments & required/useful libraries.
  • Input/Output: I/O from multiple data sources. Including how to connect to several common web analytics reporting API’s such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Webtrends.
  • Data Manipulation: Merging, concatenating and wrangling different data sets using Series & DataFrames in Pandas
  • Data Visualisation: Exploration of Matplotlib, Seaborn and Plotly and their relative abilities to clean and display data

What this training will teach you to do

  • Connect and query the Google Analytics Core Reporting API/Adobe Analytics API/Webtrends reporting API
  • Manipulate web analytics data to answer common analytics questions
  • Introduction to multiple visualisation packages and how to build a reporting dashboard within Python.

Date and time

October 12 - October 12


£350 - £350


Mezzo Labs, 26-28 Underwood Street, London N1 7JQ
United Kingdom

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