Heartland Developers Conference (HDC) 2021

United States / Omaha

Heartland Developers Conference has been providing world-class content to the Silicon Prairie developer community for over 15 years.

HDC 2021, presented by Farm Credit Services of America will provide attendees with an immersive experience. Individuals will experience keynote speakers, breakout sessions, 1-on-1 networking, and a exhibitor hall.

A highly technical event, HDC attracts skilled individuals who are leading the industry forward. For three days, experts share the latest knowledge, demonstrate new techniques and build understanding.

What to expect at HDC 2021
In 2021, the Heartland Developers Conference is expanding to three full days of content. These days will span different experience levels and tailor learning to attendees at any point along their personal tech journey. Each day will build upon itself, giving you three days’ worth of great content, regardless of your current understanding of processes and technologies.

Day 1 (Novice):
Maybe you’re an experienced web developer who wants to know more about AI. Or perhaps you’re just getting into tech and have no clue what microservices are. Whatever the case, if there’s something new you want to learn about, this day’s for you.

Day 2 (Pro):
With a little more knowledge and experience under your belt, it’s time to get more advanced. Day 2 at HDC promises a more in-depth look at today’s hottest tech trends.

Day 3 (Expert):
By Day 3, you’ll be ready to write the book on parallel programming in C#, machine learning in three languages, end-to-end Azure, or any of the other relevant topics in technology facing businesses and developers in 2021.

Date and time

November 01 - November 03


199 USD - 299 USD


CHI Health Center Omaha, 455 North, 10th Street
United States

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