JSNation Conference 2020

Netherlands / Amsterdam

Enjoy a summer conference gathering 1000+ JS and Node.js developers, core contributors, OSS authors and code artists. Brough to you by one of the oldest (10 years and counting) JS communities in Europe.

Together with workshops and hangout days, we'll celebrate a four day JS festival filled with inspiring talks, fresh ideas and tons of learning:

  • 3-4th June - Hands-on workshops (to be announced soon)
  • 5th June - Conference day (General + NodeJS halls)
  • 6th June - Hangout day (Visiting museums then hangout in the park with board games)

Being more than a traditional conference - expect JS art exhibition, OS Awards ceremony, code driven party visuals and unique networking opportunities throughout our side events.

Date and time

June 03 - June 05
In process


290 € - 397 €


Kromhouthal, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231

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