MTV Networks

MTV Networks

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Type: Website
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    MTVNetworks is a media conglomerate that represents many television channels and internet brands. Their focus is to showcase their value and available opportunities to potential advertisers, media buyers and planners.The solution included a rebrand of MTVN’s visual brand identity to reflect their reputation of having their finger on the pulse of every demographic their partners could ever wish to reach.Kounterattack developed a fun engaging tool which allowed for drilling down on highlights and the right branding opportunities, as well as a full featured CMS for their administrative staff to make daily updates.Any media buyer, planner, or advertiser walks away with a strong knowledge of MTVN Digital and its full capabilities. Ultimately, it is a platform that feels like a B2C website but speaks to a B2B audience.*Since the successful launch of this project, MTVN has since evolved into Viacom Media Networks.