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GETTING GHOSTED IS SO 2016. If you’re ready for a DATING APP that gives you MORE THAN VIRTUAL PEN PALS within your city, yet think subscribing to a $20+/month online dating service is synonymous with admitting defeat, Fortu is for you.FORTU helps singles cut to the chase by cutting out the (never-ending-messaging) games. NO MORE WONDERING - as you scroll through potential matches, in the words of every Bachelor contestant, ever- “is he/she here for the right reasons??”Anyone not in the market to meet other interesting, attractive singles has no use for Fortu - the entire app is built around pairs of users selecting each other and meeting up for predetermined, mutually-ENJOYABLE ACTIVITIES…& discovering whether or not their online banter transfers to REAL-LIFE CHEMISTRY in the process.Here’s HOW IT WORKS:0. Before you begin, log in through Facebook to create your profile.Allows for identity & age verification as safety precautions.1. Post an event - or a few potential dates - on your profile. Anything from coffee quickies to dinner and a show to a concert to a night in the penthouse of a 5-star hotel…& everything in between.2. Find a few someones who catches your eye. (At least old dating apps got this part right).3. Invite said eye candy to apply for any or all of your posted events …& mark that you’re “interested” on any user’s posted dates to throw your hat in the ring!4. Eligible bachelors or bachelorettes will be able to find your posted meet-ups & mark them as “interesting” to apply to win dates with you, as well. Who sees your events - & whose events you see - is based on your selected (adjustable) gender, location & age preferences.5. For each event you post, choose a lucky plus-one from the pool of suitors vying for your affection. You’ll be able to message anyone on your list of interested users - whether you invited them or they nominated themselves - to help you decide.6. Have fun!! For extra points: fall in love...get married...move to the burbs...have a few kids…LET’S REVIEW:2016: dating apps allow you to find unicorns2017: Fortu sets you up to meet & date unicorns (maybe even ride them, if you play your cards right!!)Out with the old, in with the new.


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