Flok - Ridesharing






Type: Mobile app
Client from United States
Category: Travel
Style: Flat
Color: Cyan

lok is the friend with wheels, or the friend with gas money, that you always wished you had. We are building custom ridesharing communities for music lovers and sports fans just like yourself – connecting drivers who have extra seats with passengers who need a lift. Instead of jumping on the bus, train, or plane, meet others from your city or school who are heading to the same event or destination as you. You can share the cost of travel and start the party early along the way. Win win.How it works:▪We create custom ridesharing communities for your favourite music festivals and pro sports teams across North America, as well as for students at select college campuses▪Drivers can sell the extra seats in their cars to other attendees who need a lift to the same event or destination▪Passengers book the seats and only pay their fair share of the travel expenses▪The more Passengers who join a ride, the less everyone has to pay


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