Type: Website
Client from India
Category: Other
Style: Big photo
Color: Red

    Treepodia has an awesome range of products for automated video production for eCommerce websites. The company being based in Israel & having offices in UK, Germany, US & Asia have got a lot of experienced people involved with the project. DesignersX have been approached by Treepodia for a new energetic website for the service acting as a front-end. Colors of preference were green and shades of green with grey & white mixtures. DesignersX has been working with Treepodia since year 2008 for all the website design needs, presentation & some print work. Treepodia is a leading eCommerce video solution provider for online shops with automated solutions to work with existing images & data automatically grabbing from the store & creating engaging videos for online store visitors to convert them in to Customers.The front-end Treepodia website is done in custom PHP & HTML working from ground up. Involving custom Design work & Java Scripting. Because Treepodia was not looking for pre-built CMS like Joomla or WordPress to manage the website. We have managed to hand-code a content management solution for the company based on PHP Framework, Cake-PHP. The website is easily manageable and upgradable using the custom administration system developed by DesignersX.


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