Bike Security






Type: Mobile app
Client from United States
Category: Tech & Telecommunications
Style: Classy
Color: Red

    This app controls a GPS/GSM alarm secured bicycle lock named as “Bike security device” using Bluetooth connection. “Bike security Device  is a GPS/GSM alarm secured bicycle lock that is remotely controlled through a mobile device such as iPhone. The Device is attached to a bicycle (in the future it could be attached to any other vehicle). The device may be in a different state such as locked/unlocked. The device may obtain its current coordinates by means of GPS or GSM and send related data to the Bike lock Server in order to update corresponding device information in a central repository. This app also facilitates their users to rent and share their bikes with other  users.Technology : Bluetooth, hardware integration, GPS, tracking, navigation, Google Map, User Profile, Calendar, Social Share, Bike Booking, Search, Alarm