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Drew Altizer Photography

Drew Altizer Photography

by from San Francisco, United States






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Summer Awards II

Type: Website
Client from United States
Category: Photography
Style: Colourfull
Color: Orange

The client is a full-service photography agency in San Francisco with specific focus on event photography. When Drew Altizer hired Spiral Scout, he wanted a company that was familiar with digital asset management systems that had an e-commerce component to their experience. Drew was looking to switch from a legacy system he had built by another developer that was buggy and loading very slowly to a custom solution that would accommodate his scaling needs and streamline his workflows. As a result, Spiral Scout built a four-in-one website and web application that was a digital asset management system for storing and working with millions of photographs, a search engine, an e-commerce website, and a delivery system to send media files to his clients. The website allows his team of photographers to collaborate directly and in real time with editors from publishing outlets and the actual clients throwing the events in a photo-editing workspace and later distribute the resulting imagery to events’ guests and other end customers.