Type: Mobile app
Client from Belarus
Category: Lifestyle
Style: Classy
Color: White

“MYBABYMY” is an iPhone application that allows parents to create original video stories about their kids. These stories can start even from the time of pregnancy. The key featuresEvery day, add a picture, a short video (2-3 seconds), and a selfie of your kid. Once you have enough content, you will need to: - set the desired parameters of your story - for instance, you can add your kid's exact age into every fragment of the video;- pick a soundtrack that will go along with the video. You can either choose from the app's default library, or from your own track list;- select the desired period of the growth of your baby that the video is going to be created for, and choose the desired length of the video story. All of these options can be set in a couple of taps, after which the video story is good to play..