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Type: Website
Client from Sweden
Category: Finance
Style: Clean
Color: White

    An application that manages the basic flow of documents for accounting & financial departments and cashier systems. This is a huge project, which was in development for over 10 years before we took part in it. The main challenge for us was to put into practice the knowledge and experience we received from the product owners and internal development team. We had to follow development patterns that were already established on the project for years and still integrate the latest tools and technologies. Westarc.ArcUser, a web application for communities with cashier systems, etc. It has UI customization based on XML templates and uses WCF to notify members of important information via SMS, emails, or letters. Tools and Technologies: ASP .NET Web FormsMS SQL Server 2014ADO .NET ASP.NET Web APIWCF Services Java Script jQuery HTML CSS C#