High-performance and scalable biometric fingerprint user identification system

High-performance and scalable biometric fingerprint user identification system

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Type: Software
Client from United States
Category: Information technology
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Development of a specialized high-load fault-tolerant software system: Cluster on dozens of nodes operating 24/7, Specialized failover system, Tens of millions of biometric identifiers, Trillions of comparison operations, Country Government Integration. The customer had a need for a high-performance automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS), designed for tens of millions of fingerprints, designed for 24/7 fault-tolerant operation. The main target audience for the customers product is the use in projects of the Civil ID scale class from a large corporation to the level of a federal state system. AFIS was supposed to integrate into a system of any scale as a ready back-end using its interfaces. There were also requirements for scalability, fault tolerance and high reliability. The development and evolution of the product has resulted in a flexible, reliable and simple system that has successfully proven its viability in high-loaded integrations around the world, from industry-specific security systems to systems that process the data of millions of voters at the level of the whole country as part of state elections. The product has been successfully integrated into federal systems in three continents of the world. Performed trillions of search operations without a single failure. Using this product, the customer entered a new business segment, having the opportunity to participate in a more marginal class of projects. Product deployment takes place in minutes, product maintenance is also very simple, and therefore the product has a significantly lower TCO than competing products and solutions.