by from Minsk, Belarus






Type: Website
Client from Russia
Category: Finance
Style: Minimalist
Color: White

Our task: There are many cryptocurrency exchanges, but most of them are hard to use, which deters potential users. Our task was to develop a website with a high level of usability, so that the user can get to exchanging currency right away.Our solution: The main screen is designed in such a way that the user can interact with key features all in one page a Brevity and clarity of the content presented by us is the main feature of the site. We placed all bank reserves info in one page so that user do not have to search it anywhere else relevant information on one page. If the user has insufficient funds on their account, they will be able to request the necessary amount. To register a credit card to make transactions with, as well as to see the list of completed transactions and their status, users can access their personal accounts.