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Hyr Website Design & Development

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Type: Website
Client from United States
Category: Advertising & marketing
Style: Creative
Color: Magenta

Hyr Website Design & Development. Who is Hyr?Hyr connects traditional businesses and amazing pros, when they need each other.For Hyr’s pros, our fully mobile platform allows talented, driven workers an option to choose their hours and pick up shifts in a pinch. We play upon a growing restlessness among a younger generation, who value time over money. And value experiences over things. The Bucket List Generation — who are being defined by what you’re working for, not where you work. We also believe that these workers deserve more, so have created a form of benefits that are portable – called UPoints.For Hyr’s business, we connect them with great, accountable workers, fast, at the best possible price. So, they can fill any shift. At any time. And unlike the more traditional alternatives, with Hyr, businesses have the power to choose – everything from the length of the shift, hourly rate, and from which pro fill their shifts.At Hyr, we understand the changing dynamic between workers and employers who are outside of the 9 to 5 continuum. The gig economy is looking for a platform which gives them choice and power in the labour market, Hyr is the answer. Welcome to the new labour economy.