High-performance IoT server to control and monitor distributed security sensors

High-performance IoT server to control and monitor distributed security sensors

by from Moscow, Russia






Type: Software
Client from Russia
Category: Information technology
Style: Realistic
Color: Red

Development of a high-performance IoT server designed to control and monitor security sensors geographically distributed over country regionHighlightsDevelopment of a high-performance IoT serverManagement and monitoring of 800,000 security sensorsSimultaneous control of over 50,000 IoT devicesProcessing 500 million requests per dayIntegration with external systemsImplementation and integration at the regional level of the countryThe challengeThe customer required a high load software complex for controlling and processing signals from security sensors for the technological support of thousands of objects including reconfiguration and flashing.The resultsThe development turned out to be a lightweight and high-performance software package that exceeded customer expectations. The reserve of processor time reached 50 percent with the maximum number of simultaneously connected devices.The product has successfully passed bench tests in the infrastructure of the customer with a flow of up to 500,000,000 requests per day.A high load server maintains simultaneous connections with all 50,000 or more devices, performs real-time continuous monitoring of their availability using a secure protocol, transmits signals to private security panels, and provides specialists with remote control of devices, including programming their settings and firmware updates.