Water Management Software (IoT)

Water Management Software (IoT)






Type: Software
Client from United States
Category: Other
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Color: Blue

This project was all about technology making life easier and saving energy resources. It may be hard to believe but a few skilled engineers were able to save millions of gallons of water worldwide early by creating this IoT device. This is the result of the Hydrawise project when customer came to us with the idea to create a solution for garden irrigation control that would save up to 50% of the water used.Hydrawise automatically adjusts water scheduling based on internet weather stations with an easy-to-use interface. This is done via its advanced Predictive Watering™ schedule that can adjust watering time and days based on weather data, and suspend watering based on temperature, predicted rainfall or actual rainfall. All this results in significant water savings from your sprinkler system, saving you time and money.Hydrawise uses only the most accurate weather stations available. With this flexible web-based weather system, a user can add their own weather stations or use free professionally maintained weather stations.