Type: Software
Client from Australia
Category: Business
Style: Classy
Color: White

Outpost is cloud based business system that contains cutting-edge set of modules and features for effective tracking of Clients & Contacts Sales Leads, Quotes/Estimates, Customer Sites/Locations, Jobs/Work Orders, Invoices, Recurring Jobs/Tasks, Scheduling/Calendar, Customer Support, Rostering, Timesheets, Staff, Progress Tracking, Maps/Diagrams, Projects, Tasks/Todos, Inventory/Items, Depots, Purchase Orders, Fleet Management, Suppliers, Stocktake, Deliveries, Bookings, Appointments, Emails, Reports, Graphs & Charts. Outpost enables us to enter core information once, saving vast amounts of time. That core information is then used for various modules that are tailored specifically to the business needs. This highly customizable solution allows to create versions of features you’ve seen in other software packages such as CRM software, ERP software, billing software, field management software, asset management software, workflow management software, time tracking software and database software.


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