Medical Information system






Type: Software
Client from Russia
Category: Medical
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Project descriptionMedical information system was modernized by our company. This project required special attention. The most important moments:– user-friendly interface,– quick search of required information;– maximal automation of medical institution personnel.Challenge:There was no electronic registration, this fact significantly complicated work and required additional time for searching and processing of patient medical forms. Also there was no electronic appointment that wasn’t convenient for both medical personnel and patients. It was necessary to create the centralized database that would take reports on admitted patients, prescribed care and provided services.Our solution:Our solution:The system was developed with the following technologies:– PHP CodeIgniter;– jQuery;– jQuery UI;– Ajax;– Bootstrap;– Postgre SQL.It is intended for the personnel work of the medical wing, the system has wide functionalities and intuitive interface. The work automation of all departments was also implemented. The personnel gain access to the following modules:– Patient registration module, getting and printing of an outpatient card, data unloading in the most user-friendly format. The assignment of a unique barcode to each patient, doctor’s appointments, the possibility of cancelling of the appointment, notification of the forthcoming appointment via e-mail and SMS. Searching of patients’ medical records in the archive.– “Doctor” module: viewing of previous and forthcoming appointments, keeping and editing of outpatient cards, creating of analysis list, medication and medical procedures, temporary disability lists.– Module for hospital that includes creating of documentation according to departments, medication acсounting, patients’ location, prescription and manipulation.– Module for a perinatal center.– Modules for registration and doctors of women’s clinic.– Module for laboratory: referral from a doctor, entering the results, its displaying in an electronic patient’s record.– Module for diagnostic service: documentation keeping according to the different kinds of diagnosis, entering and displaying of results in electronic patient cards.– Module for drug addiction treatment unit.– Modules for psychiatric unit.– Modules for ambulance deport.– Modules for anatomico-pathological services.– Modules for statistical division.– Modules for ACS.ResultComprehensive coverage of each area of work of medical institution made it possible to form a multi-stage information system, as a direct result of this, the personnel work with electronic patient records, prescriptions, appointments and other data was simplified. The system is available for fast learning that made it possible for us to train the personnel in a short time.Decreasing the time of customer services.