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Type: Website
Client from United States
Category: Business
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EdCast is a platform for personalized learning, it's not just a site with a set of lectures, it's a kind of cloud where the user can integrate all their courses from other training platforms (for example, CrossKnowlege or CodeCademy) and, combining it with our Learning Experience Platform, create an individual training plan.Learning Experience Platform consists of many parts and algorithms for selecting content for each user according to his interests, skills, and preferences.Our platform also provides for joint corporate training where users in the same groups can share their favorite courses, training cards and videos with their colleagues, take surveys and tests, communicate with other users and watch the activity of their friends.Our project also has a separate panel for administrators. Here, in a user-friendly format, you can update and configure our platform individually for each organization. Starting with the number and names of tabs on the panels, color scheme, logos and content settings, ending with the standard options for administrators to control the content of content, users, and access.We also have content sharing through channels, groups, lots of analytics and statistics, defining leaders and tops among users, getting rewards and bonuses, running live streams and many other interesting things.