Expert Certified Magento Developer Wanted for Global Sustainable Water Management Company

Expert Certified Magento Developer Wanted for Global Sustainable Water Management Company

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Type: Website
Client from United States
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NDS had gone through several iterations with other support services, and they all seemed to drop the ball. A guy from their team contacted us continue the relationship between NDS and AALOGICS. What was the Scope Of Work?All activity and all tasks are created based on NDS corporate insight requirements and needs. The requirements were from website enhancements to broken issues on the site. AALOGICS also handles all upgrades to the site for content, SEO, and the Magento platform itself. We worked on 5–25 support tickets at a time.The big enhancement to the site was the installation and customization of a much more advanced search feature for the site. When people are searching for part numbers, videos, or PDF documents, the search results are accurate. They are also laid out correctly so that they’re visually friendly and easy to navigate.AALOGICS have made some recommendations on SEO too. NDS has two other development sites that they didn’t want to be picked up by any search engine. We’ve been good keeping that blocked. When NDS release new pages, it’s important that the SEO meta information is appropriately filled out. We translated that from English to their native language, and they get the importance of it.How did they come to work with AALOGICS?AALOGICS was already onboard and servicing the NDS account. There was a gentleman who was running a lot of digital and web projects. He had made the connection with NDSThe productivity, quality of work, and the impact of the engagement?AALOGICS is consistently available and very prompt to NDS team. We follow through on all the tickets.How did AALOGICS perform from a project management standpoint?We use Assembla, which is an online ticket system. That’s the backbone of our whole process. Everyone has their own profile on there, so we and NDS team all getting the emails regardless of who is updating it.We have provided them with prompt responding and good English. We meet the timeline probably 95% of the time. The NDS come up with fire drills, and we do the best we can with it.The 12-hour time difference between us seems to be a hurdle at the start but we and their team manage that.What did NDS find most impressive about AALOGICS?They said that our ability to make heads or tails out of their cryptic support tickets, and then the technical side. We’re very good at technical and programming work.