GoPhoto software for attraction photos

GoPhoto software for attraction photos

by from Amsterdam, Project






Type: Software
Client from Netherlands
Category: Advertising & marketing
Style: Big photo
Color: Red

Amsterdam Standard together with Gophoto has created a new business model: the attraction photography technology which enables efficient workflows, increases interaction with visitors and builds new revenue streams. This technology became possible due the development of certain applications which together form the powerful Gophoto Product suite. The applications created by Amsterdam Standard:GoPhoto AppThe Gophoto app allows to shoot pictures (thousands photos per hour), connect a photo pass and upload photos. It’s possible to use a high quality camera of any Android/iOS device or to connect the app to a DSLR camera. Photos are made with an already known “green screen” technology, which was improved for this project. GoPhoto green screen technology allows shadows and light imperfections to appear without influence on the photos’ quality.Photo websiteData from the Gophoto app on a mobile device or camera is transferred to the SaaS photo processing server. From there it can be reviewed by clients on the website, printed immediately on the location point or bought online after a certain amount of time. On the website visitors use their photo pass to login. The photo website is customizable to the “look and feel” of certain attraction and gathers data of visitors according the latest privacy regulations.Print kioskGoPhoto software allows visitors to directly view, select and print their photos in different sizes. Photos are printed within 12 seconds with high-speed printers. Printers are protected from unauthorized use by connection to the point of sales system.E-commerceVisitors have the opportunity to buy their high-resolution photos online. The e-commerce system is fully automated and can be set-up within a matter of minutes.Full-featured dashboardThe dashboard functions are the heart of GoPhoto Product Suite.  It allows to track user and sales statistics in current time, set up automated mailing campaigns, control the “look and feel”  photo website and more. The decisions like increasing or reducing working personeel for the certain amount of hours can be made in a real time, based on the visitors’ flow data provided by GoPhoto dashboard.