Jameson - Sine Metu

Jameson - Sine Metu

by from Zagreb, Croatia






Type: Website
Client from Croatia
Category: Advertising & marketing
Style: Modern
Color: Green

Our task was to create a functioning and modern landing page. Primary role was that it serves as a sign-up form for Jameson Factory event. Whoever wanted to come, had to apply by answering a couple of questions, along with basic info about each individual such as name, age, gender etc.To make it more interesting, we created it in a form of a job application at Jameson Factory which was also the theme of the event itself. First and foremost, landing page had an age restriction which means one had to put in their birth date before having access to the page. No underage persons were allowed. The Landing page also contained various tabs with history of Jameson family and their distillery, Jameson drinks and their specialties, story of Sine Metu motto etc.


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