Offline Button for Slack

Offline Button for Slack






Type: Software
Client from Poland
Category: Tech & Telecommunications
Style: Big photo
Color: Red

Serverless Offline Button for SlackHow to manage your status on multiple workspaces? Wouldn't it be easier if you could do that with a single click of a physical button?Easy! Just mash-up a couple of Serverless AWS services, sprinkle it with your code, harness the Slack API, and you have a product ready to validate the business idea.This project is a feasibility study for one of our clients. The main goal was to validate the business idea. Additional value added is coming from the serverless approach and allowed for a reduced time to market and significant reduction of operational costs.Technologies:Kotlin and Java 8,AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Button,AWS Lambda,Amazon API Gateway,Amazon DynamoDB.