Web-based system for managing incidents and internal investigations in the corporate environment

Web-based system for managing incidents and internal investigations in the corporate environment

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The development of a software system for managing incidents and internal investigations in a corporate environment and designed to process and analyze information about violations of corporate ethics, fraud, and the facts of theft.Highlights Development of a specialized software package Incident and Internal Investigation Management System SMS and E-mail notifications Implementation and integration at the company group level SaaS deployment Document flowThe challengeThe customer required a specialized software suite for incident management and internal investigations in a corporate environment. The system has to be designed to process and analyze information on violations of corporate ethics, fraud, facts of theft, and was supposed to inform participants throughout the entire cycle of internal investigation, provide analytics on incidents and completed investigations.The system's capabilities were supposed to include managing the progress of the investigation, storing accompanying documents, notifying the user by E-mail and SMS about major events based on the role-based security model, creating custom reports that can be viewed both online and sent out according to a preset schedule. The system was supposed to carry out full-text semantic search in documents.The solutionThe contractor studied in detail the customer's non-trivial business processes, defined the rules for state transitions of system entities and the relationship between processes. An optimal solution was proposed and agreed with the customer, which exactly met his expectations.The contractor, anticipating the use of the complex in various fields of activity and for different customers, has designed a solution in accordance with the requirements, which can be deployed and used as a service by the customer's external client.A flexible role model was designed with the possibility of subsequent expansion with new access rights to parts of the system. The notification system can be easily extended with a new types.The product consists of several main modules: Database Request management system Modules for sending SMS and E-mail notifications Web-portal for managing incoming messages from subscribersThe resultsDespite the short timeframe, contractor has developed the software system that fully satisfied the customer's requirements and solved the assigned tasks.The product successfully passed bench tests in the customer's infrastructure and was deployed in the product environment. At the moment, the complex is being actively used and modernized.By introducing the software package, the customer automated the process of registering messages from subscribers, their processing and passing through various authorities, thereby reducing the cost of document circulation and increasing the speed of decision-making on incoming requests. The product turned out to be highly customizable and extensible.