Token and digital certificates life-cycle management system

Token and digital certificates life-cycle management system

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Type: Software
Client from Russia
Category: Information technology
Style: Realistic
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HeadlineDevelopment of server components of the token and digital certificates life-cycle management system for use in a corporate environment. HighlightsDevelopment of server components of a specialized high-load fault-tolerant software systemScales up to support 100,000 concurrent usersExpandable functionality (10+ extension points for various plug-in development)Fast deployment and configurationCountrywide integrationThe Challenge The customer had a need to automate the accounting and maintenance of tokens (and X.509 certificates on these tokens), which are in use by employees, in order to reduce costs and reduce employee downtime. Moreover, the number of simultaneously served users can reach 100,000.The SolutionThe contractor implemented server components of the corporate application platform which became a basement for automatic tokens and certificates accounting and life cycle management system (to whom it belongs, who issued it and when it was revoked, etc.), with reference to users and the organization hierarchy and with the possibility of automatic certificates issuance for these tokens through various types of CAs. The system is fault tolerant and supports horizontal scaling. The system is very flexible - it is expanded by plugins and connectors due to the large number of expansion points. The ResultsThe customer got a solution that saves a lot of time and resources on the maintenance of tokens and certificates, as well as build new corporate applications that are seamlessly integrated with each other. An ordinary user of the organization has no downtime due to waiting for certificate renewals, there is no need to track the life of certificates on tokens and manually compose applications for certificate renewals, and make calls to IS administrators. The profile mechanism ensures uniformity of certificate issuance policies applied to users.