Pistachio View - CRM System for Video Sales

Pistachio View - CRM System for Video Sales

by from Zaporozhie, Ukraine






Type: Website
Client from United Kingdom
Category: eCommerce
Style: Big photo
Color: Red

Videos have proven to be more engaging, memorable, and persuasive than text and photo messages. This CRM system is designed to unleash the full potential of video content for businesses that sell visually unique goods such as real estate. It provides sales reps with all tools they need to easily record authentic videos and send them to leads and customers.We took over the development of this CRM system about a year ago. Our task was to improve the solution, enrich its existing functionality, and build a custom Chrome extension from scratch.The challenge was that this project has partly coincided with the world health crisis. But the client and our team decided to take a cooperative approach, so we didn’t cease the process. As a result, the system was successfully released and has already received its first users.