Highly Scalable System for DNA Analysis

Highly Scalable System for DNA Analysis

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Type: Software
Client from Netherlands
Category: Medical
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The goal: The customer turned to Altoros to improve its biotechnology system that analyzes DNA samples for mutations in the early stages. The legacy tool was able to de-duplicate only 1,000 samples maximum—due to memory and CPU limitations—and it still took hours (or even days) to process the pipeline. The goal was to fix performance bottlenecks as well as enable linear scalability for processing 10,000+ biosamples at a time.As a result: Altoros has delivered a highly scalable analytical system for the de-duplication of genome samples — as a part of the customer’s analytical platform. Thousands of hospitals and laboratories worldwide use the system to detect DNA mutations, saving thousands of lives. The analysis takes minutes now, not hours; it allows for processing 10x more genome samples—compared to the performance of the legacy system. Altoros’s engineers have also proposed a reference architecture for updating a reporting solution. Inspired by our recommendations, the customer improved the system with open-source data analytics technologies, which will eventually allow for saving thousands of dollars.