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Type: Software
Client from United States
Category: Health
Style: Big photo
Color: Red

    BodyO is a UAE startup for complex health monitoring. It is a fully developed digital scanner, that identifies body fat levels and detects conditions such as chronic heart disease and diabetes, which are very common for Arab region. To fully sustain the client's vision, we have decided to develop an AiPOD software and BodyO mobile application. Essentially, the main challenge for a healthcare project was to comply with HIPAA regulations and advanced security. Our professionals reviewed the existing code and calculated that building from scratch will be more efficient than fixing current developments.We eliminated requirement inconsistencies, which slowed down the team from the start, and added features like real-time data capture, interpretation of medical records, sensors that measure health data, and an automatic data anonymization function. Now, BodyO offers a unique set of tools to monitor health, prevent serious illness, and provide data for creating new and healthy habits. The data collected in the pod gives users access to thousands of exercise plans and healthy recipe ideas.