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Passtab wanted additional features added to their software, including:COVID-19 ReportingEmergency ManagementUser ManagementGeoFencing LoginCOVID-19 ReportingWith the outbreak of COVID-19 Passtab wanted to make several updates to their system. In case of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 within the school (or from a visitor), schools could make a report called “COVID-19 Contact” which would allow schools to see three things:On grounds at same time.A list of names and contact details of all people who were on the grounds at the same time as the person/date entered.On grounds same day.A list of names and contact details of people who were on the grounds on the same day as the person/date entered, nit not at the same time.On grounds 7 days after.A list of names and contact details of people who were on the grounds within 7 days after the person/date entered, but not at the same time or day.Emergency ManagementIn case of an emergency situation or evacuation, Passtab needed a web-based version to be used by staff members. Staff members could log in to their own account or a shared role account. The page needed to be fast and light, only loading data through the API. As it would be used by staff members on mobile phones it had to be mobile-friendly. This functionality allowed staff to view live reports of each individual signed into or out of the school.User ManagementA more elaborate user management tool was created which included a new workflow for adding users. The new solution is easier to manage and works with Invision to send users an email with their temporary password.GeoFencing LoginThe software was updated so that staff members with Passtab on their mobile phones could only sign in or out if they were on their school grounds. This would require the staff member to have location services turned on. If it is off, a pop-up would appear asking them to turn it back on. This would be an optional feature each individual school could enable, as well as a setting that would allow each school to set its own GeoFence origin and radius.