Internal ERP system for Power and Utilities Supplier

Internal ERP system for Power and Utilities Supplier

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Client from Ukraine
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The company came to us with the request of making an audit of its performance and help monitor the fuel consumption. We analyzed the company's main weak points and immediately started modifying our pre-made IoT solution to the company's particular needs.So, we did the following things:Equipped automotive, tractor and railway vehicles with GPS/GSM-modules and fuel sensors, - in total, more than 800+ vehiclesDid the integration with the important for the company platforms: SAP, 1C: Road Transport Management SystemModified the software product meet the specifics and needs of the companyCreated clear notification and reporting systems and added the possibility of viewing fuel historyWe also analyzed and offered a complete solution for the integration of legacy systems and ERP. We organized training for the company's employees and taught them how to take advantage of Metrix and how to properly use the reporting system.Overall, after the integration of our IoT solution, the company not only saved money for fuel consumption but also boosted its performance by having control and visibility of all its operation activities.