Reuters Insider Video Portal






Type: Website
Client from United States
Category: Media
Style: Dark
Color: Black

Reuters Insider is an online video platform for the financial markets. It helps financial and other professionals gain market insights through video coverage. The New York Times referred to the offering as a Youtube for Traders. Reuters wanted to rebuild the existing interface using a modern look-and-feel, with a prioritized and focused set of features. They engaged Perpetual to design, develop and integrate the new Reuters Insider Video Portal onto their flagship financial terminal, Eikon. Perpetual adopted an iterative approach to developing the new portal, starting by prioritizing key features with users and stakeholders. Then they built a high-fidelity clickable prototype, incorporating the Eikon Style guide, and getting further validation from users. Subsequently, in the development phase, and an agile process was adopted with weekly sprints delivering incrementally delivering core features. The app was integrated onto Eikon in record time and has served millions of videos with 99.99+% uptime for over a year.