TRIGO Group corporate website

TRIGO Group corporate website

by from Budapest, Hungary






Type: Website
Client from France
Category: Design
Style: Big photo
Color: Blue

TRIGO Group offers quality solutions, mainly focusing on the automotive, aerospace and other transport industries. With more than 10.000 employees worldwide, it offers a comprehensive portfolio of inspection and management services to various supply chains, it is the world’s largest player in the quality sector.To reach the top of the quality assurance industry, you need a top website. Good corporate website design tells as much as possible about the company, even at first glance. But it does more: it makes the experience easy and informative for the user.We created a website that holds all the necessary information for prospects, represents all the values the company stands for, and finishes it all off with a refreshed, modern design.To learn all about the details, challenges and outcomes, read our case study.