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Client from Russia
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Booking Information systemThe leader of the Health center came to us because there were some problems with ticket accounting, customer monitoring (travel agency and legal persons) and an influx of visitors. Also it was necessary to develop the complete provision of data for financial control and management accounting of the company activity.ChallengeLack of coordination with booking, selling or cancellation led to an inability to control these processes.Accounting of receiving and accommodation of guests in the health center was not well maintained. The work with companies and travel agencies was complicated by constant breakdowns. It led to management failures and significant financial losses threatening the profitability of the health center.Lack of an automated accounting system and management control had a negative impact on economic activity and reputation of the health center.Our solutionWe developed the information system with the following technologies:— PHP-framework CodeIgniter;— Javascript-library jQuery и jQuery UI;— CSS-framework Bootstrap;— Development model MVC;— Oracle 11g.Project descriptionBooking Information system is intended to automate the process of booking, selling, cancellation in the health center and not only.This is centralized solution that works through the web interface from your browser. The system allows to manage all the process more mobile, operatively receive systematize relevant data for analysis and timely work correction.The system functionality makes the following possible:Only authorized users can work with the system.Receive up-to-data information about the number of requests and tickets by days, weeks. See the analysis of ticket traffic as a diagram. It’s reported on the home page.Manage reservation requests, maintain statistics, receive reports, filter out the data according hotel room capacity.Perform operations with tickets and send up-to-date information about changes in the system to interested persons.Work with existing tickets and requests, count and recount the cost, change the data, cancel tickets.Manage several company funds, make payments, print bills.See room capacity in «Shachmatka» section.Use help system and system classifiers depending on access rights.ResultBooking information system maintains an expanding and changing client base. The system processes data and at the same time maintain statistics and analyze the correctness of the decisions.The system is user-friendly and has a wide range of functions for attracting new clients, quality service, keeping of analytical and synthetic records.With the introduction of Booking Information system in the health center the economic indicators were analyzed. In the very first month the company achieved the improvement of the economic effectiveness.