CRM “Payment orders”






Type: Software
Client from Ukraine
Category: Finance
Style: Big photo
Color: Red

Challenge:It was needed for the client to update the program system. The main purpose – downloading and recognition rtf, doc files with payment orders and maintenance of received information in the database, automation of the process of payment orders with transition to their electronic storage.Solution:With enormous experience and expertise we proposed a solution that should provide the following functions:Download files of a specific format prepared by operators from “Bank-Client” system and containing information on payment orders as template forms which are their electronic submission.Automatic recognition of requisites and highlighting of an electronic form of each payment order from the downloaded files required for further accounting, storage, searching and extraction of payment orders (creation of electronic forms).Registration of each payment orders in the data warehouse of the information system “Record book” with saving the requisites and the original electronic form.Format-logical correctness control of downloaded files in the “Record book” with forming of control information on loading process to the operator, recognition and registration of payment orders, provided on a transactional principle (either all the payment orders of a downloaded file are successfully registered or none of them – with reasons for a failure).Searching registered in the information system “Record book” payment orders on requisites and their conjunction with various conditions and also with the possibility of alignment of two language symbols, punctuation marks and special characters.Viewing requisites and payment orders in the information system  “Record book” both as a list of payment orders and as the electronic form of a specific payment order.Creation of an external file (doc.)  containing the electronic form of the payment order for further printing or electronic storage.Creation of lists on the results of searching and forming of the external file (doc.) with selected payment orders for the further printing or electronic storage.Multilevel access to operations and information in the information system “Record book”.Audit of IS users’ activity, conducted operations in the system with storing the information in the relevant record books.Downloading original imported files for the period of storage.The possibility of reports creation based on available information on requisites.Recycling of outdated data with the storage period not the less than 7 years.Incremental – on a daily basis, cumulative – weekly and full backup copies and data recovery in case of failures with the possibility of backup on the external drive – on a monthly basis.ResultAutomation of work with payment orders made it possible to reduce the number of paper, places required for its storage, transportation costs, and also reduce the volume and the number of operations, carried out manually by the operators of “Bank-Client” system. In addition, automation of the process made it possible to minimize the time and the volume of operations required for searching and preparing of paper or electronic copies of payment orders on requests from governmental structures (courts, tax authorities and so on) and also to have easier access to information on payment orders for the company regardless of relation status with Partner-Bank.