Cloud and Ruby Development for Application Optimization

Cloud and Ruby Development for Application Optimization

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Type: Software
Client from United States
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The goal: SwanPowers, LLC turned to Altoros to apply best practices in cloud and Ruby development to their existing system to satisfy the high requirements to the level of concurrency, load, response times, etc.As a result, Having analyzed the infrastructure, software architecture, and application code, we were able to implement improvements that have resolved all the issues mentioned above. The optimization included reconfiguring the Amazon EC2 instances, implementing a Redis pub/sub mechanism to decouple jobs from DB operations, managing social network quotas internally, so that the application would never exceed the allowed number of requests, and much more.The application’s overall uptime and performance have been improved significantly. Considering the LikeFolio’s focus on social networks, Altoros made sure that it complies with the required API quota/limits.